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Digital Marketing: Its Advantages on Businesses in the Fashion Industry

Digital Marketing: Its Advantages on Businesses in the Fashion Industry

If your business is in the fashion industry, you definitely need digital marketing. Read on and find out more about its advantages.

Stand out from the competition.

Competition in the apparel and fashion industries is tough, and every ecommerce website and online store aims to stand out and get a bigger share of the pie. Versant Digital helps your business reach this goal and attract more followers and customers through its social media management services that give you higher audience engagement and visibility of your online store. With 90% of brands now using social media as a brand awareness strategy, we will help you generate leads and convert them into customers through social media strategies that are tailored to your needs.

Stand out from the competition.

Lead the trends.

To survive the competition, businesses need to join the trends. But with Versant Digital, you don’t just join the trends, you lead them. Through its search engine optimization services, your online store will set the trends thanks to the creation of quality web content that will boost your organic reach and increase your engagement while developing and maintaining brand presence. Your online store will reach the right audience while freely expressing your brand’s unique identity. But it doesn’t stop there as Versant Digital performs a site audit to provide you with an overall SEO health score.

Lead the trends.

Get personalized advertising.

Being in the same niche or market does not mean using the same advertising techniques. With the goal of increasing visibility and audience engagement through personalized advertising, Versant Digital offers email marketing services since this is the most effective way to engage prospects and customers. Through email design, coding, and copywriting with transparent reporting and strategy development, you can provide recipients with promotions, events, free downloads, and valuable information that can increase brand awareness and grow your sales, revenue, and operations.

Get personalized advertising.


of social shoppers use blogs for inspiration before making a fashion-related purchase.

Content Optimization

Beauty and fashion advice seekers are turning to each other for direction. Whether it’s to discover new brands or learn how to perfect the cat-eye, consumers trust message boards and blogs the most for their answers.


of social shoppers are influenced by Facebook in at least one fashion category

Social Media Marketing

Statistics prove Facebook has an influence on buying power. By utilizing their profiles, it’s possible for brands to grow that number. Links to sites that sell featured products are a great way to increase social-to-sale purchases.

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