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Versant Digital wants to work with brands in the fashion and apparel andbeauty and wellness niches who are seeking to have a strong and effectivedigital marketing strategy to reach their target audience and increase brandawareness. If you are ready to take the leap and the steps towards meetingthese goals, we are here to help you. We will help you identify your targetaudience and employ a strategy that can give your business the visibility itneeds to get the lion’s share in your chosen niche.

 Fashion and Apparel Industry Marketing Solutions

Fashion and Apparel Industry Marketing Solutions

Versant Digital can readily provide you with digital marketing services that are tailored to meet specific requirements and standards. Increase sales and get higher visibility across all channels in no time.

Beauty and Wellness Industry Marketing Solutions

Beauty and Wellness Industry Marketing Solutions

Create a successful online story with us at Versant Digital. We are one with you in your journey to achieve high online visibility for your business and increase your conversion and sales.

Fashion and Apparel | Beauty and Wellness

People have a natural and innate desire to improve oneself and be one’sbest, and fashion and apparel as well as beauty and wellness are the topniches that people use to achieve these desires. Without these two, wewould all just be a cog in the wheel—indistinguishable and plain. Both areactually continuously growing industries, especially in this era of influencers,vloggers, and internet trends.

The fashion and apparel industry, on one hand, is expected to reach $635.17billion in 2021, where its best-selling apparel category, women’s wear, isforeseen to have revenues of $876 million in 2021. And in 2019 alone, morethan 1.8 million people were employed in the fashion and apparel industry ofthe United States.

The beauty and wellness industry, on the other hand, can be split. Beautyhas three main areas: fragrance, skincare, and color cosmetics or makeup,while wellness includes personal care products. However, as a whole, it is astrong industry and niche that’s only getting stronger, growing from $483billion in 2020 to $511 billion in 2021. All thanks to the expansion ofmarketing through digital channels as well as the attraction of morecustomers who are willing to pay higher-quality products at higher prices.

Given these facts, we can see that there is so much future to these nicheswith more startups opening up very soon. People see these niches as anatural part of human life, where they are ready to spend to achievefulfillment and contentment.

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