What is LinkedIn and Why It's Good for Your Business

LinkedIn: connecting professionals around the world

We all know how social media has grown immensely popular over the past few decades. What started out as a means to connect with friends and family from across the globe has evolved and is now being used for various purposes, including for employment, networking, and digital marketing. Among the strongest and most popular social media platforms today that has changed the world is LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the business community’s social networking platform that was established in 2002. It served as the place where professionals can connect with their past and present colleagues, increase their network, make more connections, find and land a job, hire new talents, and learn more about different business ideas.

Similar to Facebook where users create their own profiles, users of LinkedIn create resume-like profiles that other members can see depending on one’s account settings. These provide other users with an idea of your business background, professional qualifications, affiliations, skills and interests, and areas of expertise. Users can also post status updates, share links, and provide content suggestions for other users to see.

Today, LinkedIn is used in more than 200 countries around the world by over 610 million users, making it one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. This is also why 97% of marketers use the network to distribute content for their business, creating 9 billion content impressions on the platform every week.

Main Features of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has various features that users can take advantage of. Take a look at this list and discover how they can be used.

1. Profile

This is the most basic yet important feature of LinkedIn where you put your name, occupation, location, and photo at the top part of the page. Then, in the lower area, you can put more information about yourself by customizing the parts to include different sections like education, work experience, and other details that can be based off on your resume.

The profile should be complete and informative at one look.

2. Home

By default, this is where you land after entering LinkedIn’s URL on the address bar. Here, you can see your news feed, which contains posts from members of your network as well as from businesses and groups that you follow.

3. My Network

This is like your Facebook list of friends. But on LinkedIn, this is a list of the professionals that you are currently connected to. Try to hover your mouse above this part to see other options and things you can do on the platform, including finding people and adding new contacts.

4. Interests

LinkedIn does not only let you follow professionals, but it also lets you follow specific interests. You can follow groups according to your preferred location as well. There is also LinkedIn’s SlideShare platform where you can publish your presentations, as well as the Linda platform that you can use for educational purposes.

5. Jobs

One purpose of people joining LinkedIn is employment. In this part of the platform, you can find all types of job listings posted by hiring managers, employers, and headhunters. This section doesn’t just sit there, but LinkedIn also recommends jobs to you that are based on your qualifications.

6. Search bar

Users can find LinkedIn’s search bar very convenient. As a search feature, it lets you filter results by using the various customizable search fields. The ‘advanced’ tool can bring you specific results of jobs, companies, and professionals, depending on what you’re looking for.

The search bar conveniently lets you find contacts and widen your network

7. Messages

The platform also allows users to communicate with each other through the messaging feature. You can choose to communicate with a group of people or send a private message to a specific person. This feature also allows attachments of photos, links, and documents.

8. Pending invitations

Other users who see your profile and are interested in having you join their network can send you an invitation, which needs your approval.

9. Notifications

You will be notified when you are recommended by someone, endorsed for a job, and welcomed to read a post

What is LinkedIn Used for?

LinkedIn can be used for different purposes by an individual or a group. Let’s take a look at how it can be used for personal purposes.

  1. To get in touch with colleagues. Just as we like to connect with old friends, LinkedIn allows users to connect with old colleagues, people you went to school with, and even your teachers. Basically, the purpose of connecting is not only to see how they are doing but to also widen your network and open your profile to opportunities.
  2. Have a resume online. Since the platform’s profile section can be customized to contain different professional information about you, your Linkedin profile can also function as a resume that hiring managers, headhunters, and employers can immediately see when they visit your profile. This is a helpful feature, especially for job openings that use LinkedIn as a medium, where they join your network to be able to import your resume directly.
  3. Find job openings. One of the best things the platform can let you do is find job openings and apply to them. There are many businesses and companies that place their job postings here. In fact, the platform itself recommends jobs that you may be interested in based on your qualifications and profile. Of course, you can opt to use the search bar to search for specific jobs that you may be interested in.
  4. Join relevant groups. It’s not just about connecting with past colleagues and widening your network, but it’s also about joining relevant groups with professionals who share your interests. This is one of the best ways to find the most relevant connections that can open up more opportunities and possibilities for you.
  5. For blogging. Yes, you don’t need to have your own website to blog because LinkedIn provides you with the platform to blog on what you know. You can publish your blogs and have the chance to get them read by hundreds or thousands of members on LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn Marketing for your business [credit to LinkedIn page]

We have previously mentioned that this social media platform can be used either for personal or business use. Now, let’s talk about using LinkedIn for Marketing.

Basically, LinkedIn marketing is using the social media platform to help your business make connections, enhance brand awareness, generate leads, and create business relationships with the goal of driving traffic to your site and increasing sales or conversion. Because of LinkedIn’s undeniable reach, it has become an integral part of any business’ marketing strategies. It’s an effective tool for businesses to share best practices, collaborate, and join in various groups not just for networking purposes but for a multitude of other purposes as well.

Tips for using LinkedIn Marketing

Once your business has a LinkedIn business page, you can follow these interesting LinkedIn tips for marketing. These can help you connect with more than 610 million professionals around the world.

1. Always refine your LinkedIn profile

Impress your profile viewers with an impactful profile page. Make sure that it is up-to-date and is 100% complete with details of your achievements, skills, and examples of your company’s work. Remember, this is where you introduce your brand, so make sure it is authentic and one that your target market can relate to.

Create a summary that can make your target audience feel that you understand their problems and that you are ready to provide them with solutions. Use this part of your profile to make them feel confident of your skills that can help them get to where they need to be.

2. Identify your audience and goals

Whether your aim is to generate leads or raise awareness, you need to learn how to target. Once you have identified goals, you can now identify your audience. For example, if your brand sells sports apparels, then your target audience will be those who are active in sports, belong to sports teams, and are retail sellers of sports outfits.

Know your target audience [credit to Designer Apparel Sales LinkedIn profile]

3. Optimize your profile page for search

Optimizing your profile can increase its visibility among the people who belong to your target audience. You can do this by doing the following:

  • Linking to your page. Make sure that your page is linked to your website and vice versa.
  • Use keywords. Keyword insertion is one of the most effective ways to optimize a page. You need to incorporate words that you believe your target market will be using to search on LinkedIn. Taking the example of a clothing store, you can use words such as fashion, apparel, clothing, and boutique on your page. Make sure also to use them in the About tab overview.
  • Share useful and related content. Here’s the key to being more visible on LinkedIn. Here’s the key to being more visible on LinkedIn. Share content regularly and frequently. The more you share relatable content, the higher your page will be seen in searches. Though it can be tempting to post ‘salesy’ content such as those that talk about the benefits of your product, these types of content don’t perform so well. Go for those that your audience will like to read and offers a bright, new idea.

4. Grow your page following

Followers of your page can see in their feeds your every update. So, the more followers you have, the more exposure your content will have. You can do this by inviting your connections or people in your network to follow your LinkedIn page. It can also help if you include your LinkedIn page in your emails, newsletters, and blog posts.

5. Increase engagement with the use of rich media

People are naturally visual, so they want to see images in your posts and not just texts. In fact, images get six times more engagement than plain text. You can take note of the following data:

  • Custom collages are seen to perform well, wherein you use 3-4 images in one post.
  • Videos that are 1-2 minutes long with an engaging beginning are good ways to increase engagement. Subtitles should also be provided for viewers that are watching without audio. You can also take videos and upload them directly on the platform by using the LinkedIn mobile app.
  • PowerPoints and PDF can help show your brand’s uniqueness.


With increasingly growing competition, it has become imperative for online stores and businesses to increase their brand awareness through digital marketing. And social media marketing is one of the ways to get a bigger share of the pie. Creating a page or profile on all social media platforms can definitely help you leverage your business’ online visibility. This answers our question of why LinkedIn is good for your business.

Surely, these pages can be self-managed by the profile holder or business owner; however, digital marketing agencies have the experience, knowledge, and tried-and-tested strategies that can help you maximize the advantages these platforms bring to your brand.

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