What is a Landing Page and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Use a landing page to promote your services

Many of us have already heard the term ‘landing page’ time and again, but do we really understand what it is and how it impacts our business website? It sounds like a pretty simple term, but its value and importance to growing your business simply cannot be ignored.

What is a landing page?

From the words ‘landing’ and ‘page’, it’s easy to conclude that it is a page of your website where a consumer can land on. However, there is so much more to it because in the marketing world, it is distinct from your webpage and is a standalone page that has a focused purpose. The landing page, when thought of and created well, can essentially be the next step toward converting a visitor into a customer.

Created for marketing or advertising campaigns, the landing page is where a visitor ‘lands’ when they click on a link via email or ads on Bing, Yahoo, Google, and social media channels. Unlike the web page that encourages visitors to explore the website, landing page designs have a single goal that can be achieved with a call to action (CTA).

Landing pages can have a strong call to action

Another difference between the two types of pages is the presence of potential distractions on the web page that can prevent visitors from following the call to action. The landing page has minimal links that can help increase conversion.

While your web page looks appealing, featuring a range of products and offering information about your brand, it cannot entice purchase, and that is the entire point of having a landing page.

What are the types of landing pages?

Here are the different types of landing page.

1. Lead-generation landing page

Also called the lead-capture landing page, this type is primarily designed to collect data through a data capture form. It is most often used at the point where a customer is contemplating to either buy your service or walk away. The key point of the lead-capture landing page is request-reward, where you offer a promotion in exchange for the information or data that you want from your site visitor. To ensure that your visitors will give their data, your promotion or reward should be worthwhile.

2. Click-through landing page

This type of page is often used in e-commerce, where visitors are enticed to ‘click through’ to another page where they can make a purchase. The page itself offers sufficient information about your product or service to prepare and convince the visitors to buy it.

3. Squeeze page

We could say that this type is somehow similar to the lead-generation page in the sense that it collects data. However, its difference is that it is used at the top of the sales funnel with the sole goal of gathering email addresses to add to a mailing list.

4. Viral landing page

Viral, in internet terms, means being shared multiple times and reaching a very wide audience. This type of page aims to create brand awareness by containing a link to a website or page with information or content that is designed to be informative and fun that people will like to share.

How can your landing page benefit your business?

To convince you to make a landing page for your business website, here are some of its benefits.

1. It builds credibility

For your website to rank, it needs to have authority and credibility. And to get these, let your landing page do the job. Why? Because it offers a solution to your visitors’ problem and encourages them to trust your website.

2. It can boost your email list

Receive email addresses, physical addresses, and company names

Remember that one of the types of landing page is lead generation, which means your business can get form submissions that contain potential customers’ data or information. And it’s not only email addresses you are getting but also physical addresses, phone numbers, and company names. To ensure that you can put to good use the email addresses you are able to collect, do have an ‘opt-in’ button that asks if your customers would like to be included in your mailing lists for newsletters, freebies, promotions, and announcements.

3. It promotes brand awareness

Now, this is one of the best benefits of a landing page. Creating brand awareness takes time and careful strategy, but you can hasten the process with the help of your landing page. How? You should make your landing page design clear, appealing, and consistent in branding. This way, it’s easier for your visitors and target market to remember your brand regardless of the platform they are using.

4. It supports your business goals

When you have a landing page, you are able to reach a new niche market, get exposure for your products and services, create promotions, and close more sales. Because this type of page has a focused purpose, it is designed to encourage people to take action that can benefit your business, including signing up to your mailing list, subscribing to newsletters, requesting a consult, buying your service, and others.

5. It helps improve your SEO rank

Rank higher in search pages with a landing page

In order for your website to rank, you need to create consistent and relevant content that Google and other search engines can crawl and index. If you put organic content on your landing page, then you are also raising your page’s SEO rank.

6. It leads visitors to your other marketing channels

If a prospect likes what you are offering, they may click other links on your landing page and visit your social media channels; therefore, increasing your business’ exposure.

Truly, the online world works in amazing ways. And since everything is already interconnected now, it’s easier for you to start a digital marketing campaign that cuts across all platforms. So, take advantage of having a landing page and talk to a strategist today.

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