5 Reasons Why Customer Experience Should Be Every Business’ Top Priority

How customer experience influence brand loyalty

If there’s one thing that can greatly affect your business in terms of referrals and word of mouth, it would have to be customer experience. We’ve all heard different accounts from customers that range from excellent customer experience to horrifying ones. But one thing remains the same—the impacts are immense. To keep your business’s reputation and name at the positive end of the spectrum, do read on.

Strive to always make your customers happy

What is customer experience?

Oftentimes referred to as CX, the most common customer experience definition is that it involves everything that has to do with what affects a customer’s feelings and perceptions of a business. It is an important key that helps organizations exceed their customer’s expectations, which can be shown by delivering your brand’s promises and surprising your customers with extra support and care.

Imagine yourself walking into a department store, and the staff greets you with a warm genuine smile, even offering to assist you with whatever you need. You look around and see that everything is in order. How would that make you feel? Then, imagine yourself again in this same situation—only this time, the staff is cold and the store is dirty and unorganized. How would that make you feel?

To better illustrate how important customer experience is, it is reported that a totally satisfied customer can contribute up to 2.6 times more revenue than someone who’s just considered as a satisfied customer.

Reasons why customer experience management is important

Here are reasons why you should make customer experience management a top priority.

1. It’s free marketing whose potential is very high

A study by American Express shows that 53% of American consumers post more positive reviews on review platforms and social media channels. This is against the 35% that post about their negative experience. And because customers who shop online take the time to read product reviews before making a purchase, positive reviews by customers can definitely increase the chances of converting new customers.

This is an important piece of information because gaining new customers can be 7 times more expensive than maintaining an existing customer base. So, by offering great customer experience, your satisfied customers are going to do the work for you.

2. It helps you stand out from the competition

The hard reality for businesses is that there is always competition regardless of the industry you operate in, making it necessary to employ various tactics to get a bigger share of the pie. Among these tactics are price wars. Unfortunately, this is no longer effective today because companies lose a lot by bringing down their prices too low. Thus, customer experience takes the limelight—it doesn’t cost a thing, has great impact, and the effects are long-lasting. But if your business can afford it, you can definitely benefit from hiring a customer experience specialist or customer experience consultant.

3. It increases ROI (Return of Investment)

Your marketing plans and strategies can drive ROI up, but it requires planning, thinking, and marketing experts to make it happen. Not to mention, it doesn’t happen overnight. Providing a positive customer experience is the opposite. When you offer warm greetings, provide extra care and support, and maintain your website or online store’s customer-friendly setup, customers will buy and become repeat customers. All this for no cost at all.

4. Because third-party validation counts

According to a study, 84% of millennials no longer trust traditional advertising when choosing the products they buy. When people visit an online store or e-commerce website, they check the reviews first and discern if they are about to make a good purchase or online shopping experience.

5. It increases brand loyalty

Who doesn’t want repeat customers? When they are loyal to your brand, they will keep coming back to your online store. And forging brand loyalty shouldn’t be a problem if your business offers a good customer experience.

Customer experience management of online stores

Happy customers always come back for more

Business owners today are seeing the advantages of opening up online stores and e-commerce websites--vast audience reach, 24/7 availability, and convenience for both the seller and the buyer. But in order to reap these benefits, you have to ensure that you are providing excellent customer service to lure visitors to your website, convert them into buyers, and build strong brand loyalty with them.

How? Here’s how:

1. Provide a mobile app

Websites, including e-commerce websites and online stores, can now be accessed via smartphones, and people want to have the same pleasant experience here as when they use a desktop. Make sure that your online store has a mobile app or make your website responsive, which means it is user-friendly across all devices. Even if you’re selling or offering quality and the most affordable products, your customers will opt out of your website if they can’t navigate their way around it easily. This increases your bounce rate and ultimately reduces your website’s traffic.

2. Make it user-friendly

Remember, it only takes 3 seconds for a customer to decide to opt out of your site if it’s not intuitive. Don’t let this happen by making sure that your mobile app is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and simple. Once your team has created your app, do usability tests that are designed to evaluate a product or website’s user experience. It will help you determine if your website is friendly enough before launching it.

3. Offer user-onboarding videos or tips

Not everyone is tech-savvy. So, it’s important to provide your users with onboarding videos or hacks to help them learn how to use your mobile app. This is especially true if your target market is older people.

Offering a great customer experience is an inexpensive and valuable way to increase your customer base. You’ve only got to use it wisely and make it work to your advantage.

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