Digital Marketing: Its Advantages on Businesses in the Fashion Industry

fashion industry: use digital marketing to grow your business

These days, you can no longer negate the importance of digital marketing in business. In fact, it can now be considered a necessity more than a luxury. This is especially true since it can impact all industries, including the fashion industry. A good and well-designed digital marketing strategy enables businesses to reach their target market as well as allows customers to access the latest in fashion trends.

If your business is in the fashion industry, you definitely need digital marketing. Read on and find out more about its advantages.

Advantages of digital marketing in the fashion industry

1. Global reach at a lower cost

How many people have access to the internet? Of the 7.7 billion people in the world, 3.5 billion are online. But you can’t reach this population without strategies, tools, and proper planning, which only digital marketing can do. Think about how much you will have to spend if you were to reach this audience the traditional way. With digital marketing, your spending is cut by more than half, but your reach is quadrupled.

2. Progress is trackable

Because everything is digital, you can easily track the progress of your online marketing strategy through web analytics and online metric tools. Being able to check the results can help you determine if your strategy is working or if you need to alter some parts of it. Web analytics is so detailed that it can show you how customers use your website and if they are responding to your advertisements.

3. A channel for selling

Online selling is a growing industry

Anyone who says that online shopping won’t progress surely does not understand the digital world. The current situation the world is in has prompted a lot of people to move to buying stuff online. But long before this, online shopping was already a growing trend with retail e-commerce sales worldwide reaching $4.28 trillion. This is reason enough to get into digital marketing in the fashion industry.

4. It builds a following

There is no other way that can effectively reach such a huge market better than digital marketing. By using this modern strategy, businesses in the fashion industry can build an online community, where they can reach their market easily while allowing audiences to access answers and solutions to their apparel needs with ease. Digital marketing, which includes social media marketing, can make referrals and the word of mouth travel faster to encourage people who can benefit from your business to follow you online.

5. Allows for targeting a specific audience

One of the beautiful things about digital marketing is that it has the capability to segment audiences to reach the right market. So, if your business operates in the fashion industry, you can design your marketing strategies to only focus on your target market so that they can see what you have to offer. Through search engine optimization, your business will be visible to people who are also into apparel and fashion.

Just imagine how much time and effort you will need if you were still to use the traditional marketing ways that involve flyers and posters.

6. Can help lead the trend

Why join when you can lead? [credit to]

Fashion industry trends can change in the blink of an eye. But why settle for following the trends when you can start and lead it? If you have a strong digital marketing strategy, you can build a strong following, which in turn can help start a new trend.

7. Improves brand awareness and recognition

If you want to improve brand awareness and recognition in the fashion industry, going digital is the way to do it. With so many people staying online through their mobile devices, it’s definitely worth investing in digital marketing. In fact, 67% of users admit to window shopping on their smartphones for fun. A big part of this results in purchases.

8. Helps businesses take advantage of mobile shopping

Mobile shopping apps are a convenient way to get the stuff we want without leaving our house [credit to and Summit Media]

Mobile shopping is catching up to desktop shopping because of its convenience, allowing people to shop wherever they are. In fact, 49% of people shop exclusively on their phones. With digital marketing, you can make your online store mobile-friendly to attract more customers and following.

Indeed, digital marketing is the future. Businesses that want to grow should invest in a digital marketing agency that can provide the services covered by it. Versant Digital can help you with email marketing, social media management, landing page design, and search engine optimization.

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