7 Reasons to Adapt Email Marketing For Your Business

Use email marketing to reach your desired audience

If you want your online store or e-commerce business to reach the right audience, then email marketing is the answer. Why? Because in terms of audience, there is no platform that has surpassed email’s reach, with users of about 4.3 billion around the world. In terms of emails sent, 293.6 billion emails were sent in 2019 alone, and this is expected to reach more than 347.3 billion in 2022—daily.

What is email marketing?

Now, what is email marketing? It is using email for the promotion of products and services with the intention of developing relationships with potential customers. Email marketing is the electronic counterpart of direct mail, which is sent via post and is a branch of internet marketing.

Email for marketing encompasses newsletters that contain updates on the company as well as promotions and exclusive deals. It is also useful for sharing a general message on behalf of a company, especially in the event of an upcoming natural disaster. So, in a nutshell, email marketing is basically a tool for providing information to your business’s prospects, leads, and customers, with messages that can be tailored to suit your purpose.

Types of email marketing you should employ for your online store

Numerous marketers and business owners are already using email marketing. However, it’s a dynamic process, which is why you should always be adept with trends and changes to keep your email for marketing effective and successful. Here are some of the types of email marketing you should be doing.

1. Welcome email

Welcome emails can very well start a good relationship with your leads

It’s important to note that only 25% of leads are immediately sales-ready while 50% are qualified but are not ready to buy yet. And when you are in the initial contact stage with your prospects, you need to be careful so as not to push your business too much that you will cause your lead to put up their barrier.

Welcome emails offer a personal touch and introduce your business without dwelling too much on the sales pitch. It’s important to build a relationship first with your prospect before introducing your product. Create a good first impression by showing your knowledge and expertise in your industry.

2. Sponsorship emails

If you have already sent an email to all addresses in your email database, then it’s time to use sponsorship emails to gain new leads and reach a different audience. This kind of email marketing involves paying another vendor’s newsletter to include your copy in theirs. This is one component of a paid media strategy such as mobile advertising, display advertising, and affiliate advertising.

3. Re-engagement emails

This type of email marketing can help you reconnect with some of your email subscribers that have become inactive. It’s a helpful way to re-establish goodwill.

Why should your business adapt email marketing?

More and more marketers are relying on email marketing to target their audience

If you are tempted to write off email because you think it’s too old-fashioned and stagnant, you need to think again because according to Litmus, email marketing returns $42 for every dollar spent. Moreover, in a survey, it was found out that 52% of respondents were influenced by email in terms of their purchasing decisions.

Ready? Here are more reasons to adapt email marketing for your business.

1. It’s a great content distribution method

As much as 87% of marketers use email marketing for their content distribution, making email the third most-widely used means for the same purpose. Email for marketing is also the top metric used to evaluate the success and performance of specific content, with 9 out of 10 marketers looking at click rates, open rates, and downloads as the main determinants.

2. Welcome emails have higher open rates

If you want to know how your email marketing strategy is working, you have to go check your email open rate, which tells the number of people opening your email. The latest statistics show that welcome emails get an 82% open rate, making it a viable way to build your email campaign.

3. Abandoned cart emails work wonders

You cannot underestimate the power of abandoned cart emails, which are emails that are sent to someone who has added items to their cart but decided to abandon it at checkout. This type of email for marketing sort of reminds your customers of their cart and prompts them to do something about it. And if you send three abandoned cart emails instead of one, you may get 62% more orders.

4. Email marketing is affordable

As mentioned previously, every dollar spent on email for marketing yields $42. Applications for email marketing like MailChimp allow users to send up to 12,000 emails for free each month! And if you want to send more than that, you can also avail of their larger monthly plans that come with up to 600,000 subscribers.

5. It allows for targeted messaging

There is no better way to target your audience than through email marketing

The beauty of this type of marketing is that you can target your content to suit the stage that your recipient is in whether he is in the buying stage or if he is still contemplating buying your service. By using different buyer personas, you can formulate the right content to suit different needs. Also, you can segment your audience so that you can monitor how they are moving through the sales funnel.

6. It increases brand awareness

We cannot discount the potential of emails for brand awareness. Like social media, you can also use it to introduce your brand or product. However, you need to remember that you cannot overdo email marketing by sending five emails a day. You don’t even have to sell something every time you send one. Just put the brand awareness factor, and you’ll reap the benefits soon.

7. People like to read emails

Why do you think emails have survived for 40 years? And, to be honest, it’s still growing to this day. This is because people engage with emails. Somehow, humans have been ‘programmed’ to do something with the emails we receive—reply, click open a link, or forward it. With these, you just need the right approach to drive people to visit your site or call your number.

Email marketing is indeed very helpful. And if you do believe in its advantages, Versant Digital offers email marketing services. Talk to a strategist today!

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