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Create a successful online story with us at Versant Digital. We are one with you in your journey to achieve high online visibility for your business and increase your conversion and sales. We are a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals that provides digital marketing services that are tailored to your specific needs, utilizing all channels in targeting your audience.

Your business and customers are our concern. This is why we always come up with strategies and personalization services that enable you to meet your customers’ expectations in half the time and with half the work. Let us do it for you.

Watch Out for these Ecommerce Trends in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

Watch Out for these Ecommerce Trends in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

Did you know that even with a 25% decrease in consumer spending brought about by the pandemic, the beauty and wellness industry is still valued at $510 billion—a figure still higher than most other industries? If you’re skeptical about it, go ahead and read our blog and find yourself becoming excited by the upcoming trends in the industry.

Compete with Big Brands

The beauty and wellness industry was valued in 2019 by Forbes at $500 billion, and it’s expected to continue booming as businesses are looking to recreate the best wellness experience by making cleanliness and personal safety a top priority of their operations. Big and small brands are utilizing digital marketing to reach their target market. Versant Digital, with years of experience in the field, can help your online store compete with these brands and help you reach your goals. With its search engine optimization services, your online store will produce content that can boost your organic traffic while providing insightful information to your customers.

Compete with Big Brands

Leverage Your Lead in the Trends

Trends are always changing, but with Versant Digital, your online store can lead the trends. With its social media management service, you will gain a higher following across various social media platforms and become a thought leader through insightful and informative posts that can catch the attention of all 60% of the world population that use social media.

Let us help you generate leads through the help of our strategists while boosting your brand awareness. By having the right followers, your message reaches the right audience. Our thrust is to communicate and engage with your audience to convert them into sales through the distribution of valuable content.

Leverage Your Lead in the Trends

Get Targeted Marketing Strategies

Your competition undoubtedly uses the available marketing strategies known. But we, at Versant Digital, don’t want to use the same techniques to ensure that you achieve your business goals. With its email marketing services, your online store is able to communicate with your target audience on a personal level, informing them of promotions, events, and valuable information that will bring them back into the sales funnel and turn them into repeat customers. Versant Digital recognizes the vast reach of emails, specifically of personalized emails that have open rates of 50% and 58% higher click-through rates.

 Get Targeted Marketing Strategies


of Instagram users who have made purchases related to beauty, fashion, and wellness did so after seeing something on Instagram

Social Media Marketing

Your business needs a strong social media marketing strategy to lead in the competition. With more and more beauty and wellness enthusiasts turning to social media for their purchases, you should build a strong following across all platforms and increase visibility.


of customers say authenticity is an important factor when deciding which brands to support

Content Optimization

Ensure that your brand resonates authenticity with your followers with well-thought content that can relate to people’s needs. As people turn to search engines to find answers to their queries, let them feel your genuine desire to provide them with the best services and products from your business with your engaging content.

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