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Versant Digital is a young ecommerce marketing agency based in South Yarra, Melbourne that was founded with the idea that there is a better way to serve the digital needs of online stores. More than being the go-to name for its audience’s digital marketing needs, it thinks of itself as a business growth partner that provides you with unparalleled business solutions. Thanks to its team of experienced digital marketing specialists from various backgrounds, Versant Digital recognizes the value of each client’s professional expertise in the field and complements this with valuable insights and values through diverse but well-thought solutions.

To help us realize our vision of being a thought leader and becoming one of the most reliable digital service providers in the ecommerce industry, we offer services in social media management, email marketing, landing page design, and search engine optimization.

So, whether we have been in the business for one year or ten years, it is the balance of skills comprising our team that makes the difference. We have combined the expertise of a technology expert, a digital marketing specialist, and a content developer to achieve our goals. Together, the team assists with each client’s requirements while taking into consideration all aspects in providing customer-centric, flexible, and proactive ecommerce marketing services.

Our Values


We value every single client we have and offer optimum services with no judgment. Our aim is to always give you your money’s value and ensure that you are getting nothing less than our honest efforts to help grow your business.


Each member of our team wouldn’t be in this industry this long if we didn’t have the passion to drive our work. We translate this passion into finding meaningful ways and insights to give your business this leverage it needs to thrive in the competition.

Continuous Learning

As much as we learn from every project that we handle, we aim to continue our learning journey by constantly updating ourselves with new and upcoming trends in digital marketing through webinars, scholarly papers, and hands-on experience.

Think big

It’s convenient to choose the easy way of doing things. But we at Versant Digital think big and out of the box to come up with innovative strategies to help your business meet and exceed its goals.

Dare to be the leader

We always strive to be a thoughtful leader, and that shows in the way we do our work. Any project that is done less than our best is never acceptable. We deliver world-class quality digital marketing services each and every time.

Have fun

We aim to bring the fun out in every project we handle without compromising quality in the delivery of products and services. This is important for the wellbeing of our team that enables us to give our clients the best value for their money.

Our People

Team behind Versant Digital




Sharjeel is an experienced JavaScript Developer whose passion is solving problems and helping businesses reach their goals. He has an extensive experience working on some large-scale web development projects in Australia, including SEEK, Nintendo Australia, Officeworks, ANZ Bank, and Centr by Chris Hemsworth.
One of Sharjeel’s strongest attributes that has helped him reach professional growth is the way he cherishes and values the trust given to him for the successful completion of projects. Taking delight in achieving milestones with his team, he serves as a proactive team leader, working with various stakeholders to ensure the delivery of output that exceeds client expectations.


Together we can make a difference


Versant Digital is true to its social responsibility and wants to give back to the community. This is why it is one with the B1G1 movement, along with more than 25,000 businesses around the world who have made it their mission to create a world that is full of giving. We are committed to become a Business for Good. This means that with each new project we deliver, someone can enjoy the benefits such as access to drinking water, free quality education, protection for young girls, access to solar lamps to help children study, and plant trees among others. We are proud to let our clients know that with every penny they pay us, a portion of that goes to helping build communities and making lives better.

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